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Alijah J.
Philadelphia, PA
5-Star Review

America Home Crafters Remodeling installed my Andersen windows and patio door & they did a great job.  Also they replaced the gutters in the rear of my home and installed the GutterShell.  I’m very happy with their work.  They were very polite and on time when coming out to do the work.  Gene was really helpful especially with resolving the water that was coming into my home.  I waited to after we had a good rain to write this review.  Now I can say I have no more water getting into my home.  Thank you for your for great work and I definitely would recommend them.

Alijah from Philadelphia

Steven I.
Voorhees Township, NJ
5-Star Review

In a word… “WOW”! I have never been more impressed with a company’s professionalism and service! I needed to have my windows replaced and Thomas and his team were just incredible. Mark and the install team really went above and beyond to insure all my needs and wants were met and the job was perfectly done! 5 stars!!!

Michelle C.
Mount Holly, NJ
5-Star Review

I bought my townhouse in 1996 and I’ve spent 20 years chasing leaks in one form or another! I had had the original windows replaced within a few years of moving in, and then ten years ago, I had a whole new roof installed thinking that that would solve my the problem. Three years ago I had a new entry door installed. And still the house continued to leak! Water continued to come in around the windows and ruined the window sills. Every time it rained, I could hear the rain dripping into the house between the entry and storm doors. I was pretty much at my wits end when I found America Home Crafters Remodeling.

Gene responded to my inquiry almost immediately and was very accommodating: he scheduled a meeting for a few days later based on my hectic schedule and lack of availability (lol). He was really attentive and patient as I walked him through the problems in my house: a leaking entry door, a leaking roof in the garage, leaking windows and water damaged window sills, and an old ill-fitting/drafty door between the house and the garage. Gene took a look in the attic and discovered that there was evidence of leaking there too; Tom confirmed that in a follow-up visit a few days later. So much for the new roof 10 years ago! After considering my options, I decided to have America Home Crafters Remodeling install the GAF Timberline Ultra HD Roof Shingles, Andersen Fibrex Windows with solid wood window sills, new gutters and soffits, and a fire rated door from the garage to the house (to improve on energy consumption and comfort). The GAF roof shingles, gutters, and soffits were installed rather quickly and looked amazing! I awaited the arrival of my new custom Andersen windows and, in the meantime, it rained and water came into the house through the door frame of the entry door. We couldn’t believe it! Tom came out the next day and determined, with some deductive reasoning and the garden hose, that the rain was getting behind the 32 year old aluminum siding, and whatever insulation was behind that, and running into the house down through the door frame (and who knows where else!). The siding was oxidizing and looking pretty worn and I was feeling even more worn. I needed this home to not leak and I needed peace of mind! I decided to have them remove the old siding, insulate the house, replace the entry door and frame, which potentially had rotted wood after so much exposure to rain, and replace the sliding glass door to the patio which had been installed upside down! I ordered the Alside Charter Oak Vinyl Siding, a custom entry door with an Andersen storm door, and the Andersen Narroline Gliding Patio Door.

America Home Crafters Remodeling installed the Andersen Fibrex windows, the window sills, the custom entry door, the Anderson storm door, the fired rated door from the garage to the house, and the Andersen Narroline Gliding Patio Door in one day! A few days later, they installed the insulation and Alside Charter Oak Vinyl Siding.

The house looks and feels AMAZING, it no longer leaks (we’ve had several driving rains), and I have a peace of mind about that for the first time in 20 years. Gene and Tom are diligent, accountable, persistent (they didn’t give up until they fixed my leaking house!), and wonderful to work with. They explained what they were going to do each step of the way and they explained the warranties for the materials they used. I feel really good about my decision to use America Home Crafter Remodeling: they use quality materials and stand behind their work. I don’t believe there is another company out there that has this much dedication to its customers. This was an expensive project but I look at it an investment in my home and in my peace of mind, and well worth it! Plus, I now have the best looking house in the neighborhood, which, while that wasn’t my goal, is definitely a bonus!